Near COEX, Samseong-dong - Seoul, Korea

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Chojeon Village - Namhae, KOREA.

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The Eunjimireuk Buddha (the largest stone Buddha in Korea) - Gwanchoksa, Nonsan, South Korea. 

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Haeundae Beach - Busan, South Korea

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~ How long do you think a plane ride from canada to korea will be ..?

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I think is, approximately, 10 hours.

Seoul, Korea 

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Chinatown - Incheon, South Korea. 2014 
by Taeyoung Park

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Soju and Kimchi

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jeju-do, south korea

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a sunny day in seoul

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Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain [2013.10] - Seoul, South Korea

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Hi! I just chanced upon your blog, and read that you're heading to Korea or already in Korea! What are you in Korea for? Anyway, I love your blog! :)

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Thank youuuu very muchhh! ♥
And, no, darling :(
I live in Brazil and I don’t know when I’ll go to Korea.. I really hope that day come fast!!!!!!! But i’ll try go to study when I have a opportunity! :3

Kyungsung University - Busan, South Korea

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Hello! Do you live in Seoul currently?

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noooooo T_T
I live in Fortaleza, a city in Brazil! Y.Y